Goddess of Gratitude 2020

This artwork is an experiment to reproduce a sense of Gratitude, through investigating various materials and techniques that connect me to the environment and give me a feeling of gratitude. My life here in Singapore is a juxtaposition of a high technologically and digitally advanced society in a tropical jungle setting. The abundance of rainforest vegetation, the uncountable species of plants and animals and the lush greens throughout the whole year seem to be in harmony with me as resident.

The goddess of gratitude with its materials including: beads, textiles, micro computer, sensors and wires, is my interpretation for the beneficial co-existence of the tech world in a man made garment composed of natural resources. Seeds, shells, beads and textiles symbolize our human journey. The natural impulse and impregnable effort to utilize everything in our surrounding to produce something new and meaningful. The constant push to transform the raw materials into something better, more efficient and exact. Until the material eventually dissolves into a form of digitalization consumed by us as cyberculture.

The goddess of gratitude awards you in detecting your offered fire (flame detector on the right hand). You receive a common invite, shown on the display, to scan the golden QR code which leads you to a YouTube video. The video shows you the process of assembling the sculpture in dream sequence with all the collected materials. In an effort to sharpen your awareness and gratitude, the video is accompanied by a meditation spoken by PhD Kristen Hobby, a friend, Spiritual Director and Author. She spoke the meditation to me for my 38 birthday on 21st May 2020.

The last picture in the video shows the the sculpture placed in a traditional offering scenery.

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