Random Sampling Singapore

The Project aims to sample 100 places on the island of Singapore over a one year period in order to gain an unbiased and holistic view of the city state.


The project uses a random sampling methodology to achieve an unbiased view of Singapore. A computer code was created, which randomly generated 100 GPS coordinates all over Singapore. At each GPS coordinate, the artist will collect data in a number of different ways according to a scheme. The sampling includes panorama and detailed photos as well as sound recordings and substance samples. The collected samples will then be examined in the artist’s lab. Panorama photos will be dispersed into a pixelated picture to create a unique color code of the sampled environment. The substance samples will be investigated through the microscope and other tools from material science. The collected sound recordings will be mixed. Interdisciplinary corporations are planned. The collected data will be consolidated and the evaluation process and data interpretation will begin. The sample evaluation is an inspirational and mindful process, from which artworks will arise. The artwork will tell a story and represent these unique and randomly generated places in Singapore.

100 GPS coordinates randomly generated by an algorithm


The purpose of this project is to gain a strategy to reduce or limit my bias as an artist in the process of creating artworks. Random sampling Singapore refers to a way for me to go somewhere without any bias and absorb everything in an open minded way. By collecting data with limited bias and investigating them from different points of view, I train myself to become more aware of my surroundings. A random place with its materials, views, smells and sounds will then connect to a larger story. Substances which wouldn’t necessarily have any meaning alone, become a symbolic character, with views that are enlarged and colors that become more vivid. An open minded approach to our surroundings is a key strength in tackling the challenges in our lives. The mission of this project is to train this mindful and unbiased approach through a scientific methodology and self reflection. Through a present and non judgmental mindset the challenge of arriving at one of the hundred GPS coordinates becomes a substitute for managing life’s challenges. There are many obstacles along the way. Areas which are illegal or hard to access, containing our own biases from our own experiences or even our own misguided mindsets are hindering us from seeing the full potential of every place around us. To overcome these obstacles, we can train our mind and our perception. In the artist’s opinion a mindful approach is the way to create art in a way that can extend the observer’s view and form a bridge between disciplines which were previously hard to connect.


How can we train ourselves to see data and our contemporary world in an open minded way by not getting affected by bias? Can we train ourselves with the help of science to not jump to conclusions and miss the full picture? With a random sampling methodology I want to slow down my mind and think in a reflective way of my surroundings to form an unbiased picture of Singapore. By going to 100 randomly generated places all over the island with an open mindset, I want to find out how my perception is changing. This is a self experiment with an unknown outcome. Through this journey I will keep record of my findings, drawbacks and conclusions. The collected data, partial results and interpretations I share in blog posts. After achieving my goal to approach the 100 places I want to make my journey accessible in the form of an exhibition of the artworks.

At this link you can see the updated map with star markings of coordinates which are already processed. ⭐️⭐️

Most statisticians agree that the minimum sample size to get any kind of meaningful results is 100. But this is not the reason why I chose the number of 100 GPS coordinates. On this years birthday my friend Guillaume, who was born on the same day but 20 years earlier told me that we are gonna be 100 years old together next year. I want to celebrate this fact of 100 years of 2 lives, which are so different to each other, but still somehow connected.

I asked my friend Guillaume Levy-Lambert, Artist himself and cofounder from Art Porters Gallery Singapore to press the button to generate the 100 GPS coordinates which should influence my life for the next months. He pressed the button in front of a memorial plaque at the French embassy Singapore. This is the beginning, coordinate #0.

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