Nature Sensors for Citizen Science

This vibrant nature sensor, called Feinstaubi, participates in the open source project Sensor.Community. The sensor measures the air temperature, humidity and the fine dust (PM 2.5 and PM 10). Inspired by the passion of Citizen Science, the artwork, disguised as passionfruit, is composed of glass beads that hide the temperature and humidity sensor inside the flower. The suction hose for the fine dust sensor is located on the exit of the canvas body, while the microcomputer (ESP8266) and the fine dust sensor are stored inside the canvas. The data is displayed on a LCD placed on the top of the installation.

‘Nature Sensor for Citizen Science, 2020’
Canvas (20cm x 20cm) with mulberry paper wrapping, driftwood with gold leaf, glass beads, ESP8266 WIFI microcontroller, SDS011 fine dust sensor, AM2302 Temp and RH sensor, breadboard, wire, cable sleeves
Map with worldwide fine dust sensor distribution from
28. September 2020, 9 am (Singapore time)
Visualization of values of a Periode of 6 hours (29th September 2020) with Grafana .