This blog post is part of the Random Sampling Singapore project. The Project aims to sample 100 places on the island of Singapore over a one year period in order to gain an unbiased and holistic view of the city state.

CPM is the acronym of Can Peter Maier, a sketchy illustrating artist I knew only through social media. He is drawing hilarious sketches with 2 main characters- Skeletony and Ghostine. His name hinted to a German background, so I asked him: “Willst du bei meinem Kunstprojekt mitmachen?” And I was glad when he was showing interest in my art project and was happy to participate.

He wanted to do a coordinate close to the sea and central, so I picked coordinate #29 for us. This coordinate is located exactly on the docking terminal of the container harbour at Tanjong Pagar. Very central ✅ and on seaside ✅, but not accessible ❎. I asked him if he wanted to walk around Marina Bay Cruise Center to have a good view on the coordinate. We met on a Saturday evening in January 2022. I was waiting on the MRT station when a youthful and dynamic guy on a skateboard was coming close to me.

It was nice to walk with and talk to Peter. He is from Munich, the German town I was living before Singapore and which I consider as one of my “dahoam” (German slang word for “home”).

On the pier next to the cruise were people fishing and relaxing in the sun. It was a quiet spot in this area, surrounded by construction sides, which continuously reinforce the brand new land for ambitious development plans. We were staring westwards into the sunset, in distance the cranes of the container dock with our coordinate 29.

I asked Peter to sample the area. He immediately took of and sampled to whole side. He talked to the fisherman and climbed the stone bank down to sample the water. He was very passionate and carefully sampling the area when I was taking pictures and videos from the distant coordinate.


I got a bag full of samples. The next day I documented the samples.

Microscope pictures of samples


I like the idea of postcards made of a collages with the microscope pictures, something like this:

But I want to spare this space for a drawing of CPM. I am curious about what Ghostine and Skeletony say to this.

… months later I got this awesome drawing from CPM:

#29_Ghostine me, by CPM